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RMMSMSP has partnered with the PLASMID project and offers limited availability to the MSP teachers for online content courses. Teachers in the MSP seven partner districts are eligible to take the online courses if the courses do not fill with PLASMID rural district participants.

Partner District
Application/Registration Information

Partner District

PLASMID teachers that teach grades 5 - 9 in the following districts will have priority. All other teachers will be placed on a waiting list and placed in the course on a first come first serve basis.


Spring 2009
MATH 5002: Algebraic Patterns and Functions II (4 graduate credits)
Instructors: Gary Olson & Nate Kurtz
Prerequisite: MATH 5000 (Algebra I) or equivalent or by instructor's permission.
This course is a continuation of the mathematical topics and concepts presented in Algebraic Patterns and Functions I. It includes logarithmic functions and properties of logarithms, parametric equations, systems of equations, matrix algebra, linear programming, and an extensive look at trigonometry. There is an emphasis on real world problems and applications, and data collection activities. Teachers are required to have a graphing calculator (TI-84) as it will be an important tool to assist in the learning of these concepts.
Offered Summer 2009
Either Physics 5101 Forces & Motion or Physics 5102 Light, Color & Geometrical Optics will be offered


ONLY PERTAINS TO PLASMID TEACHERS- Rm teachers pay full price
Each on-line course is $800. Starting Spring 2009 PLASMID grant covers $700 of the $800. Some partner districts have agreed to pay the remaining $100. Be sure to check with your district beforehand.
Note: There is no stipend for PLASMID participants taking online courses.

Application/Registration Information

Steps to participate in PLASMID on-line Course Summer 2009

Step 1: Complete and Submit the PLASMID On-line Course Application

  • Complete and submit the PLASMID application found on the RMMSMSP website. This form is specific to the PLASMID project and does not go to the University of Colorado.
  • PLASMID project staff will review the application to determine your eligibility for the program and for the course(s) you want to take.
  • If you are accepted into the program and placed into a course(s), then project staff will contact you and tell you to proceed to step 2.
  • PLASMID Spring 2009 Application
  • Rural district partners have first priority. Other MSP partner district applications will be notified of openings based on the order received for the waiting list.

Step 2: Complete and Submit Continuing and Professional Education Pre-Registration Application

  • Only complete this step if you want college credit for the course.
  • Complete and submit the Continuing and Professional Education Pre-Registration Application. This application is submitted online to the University of Colorado Registrar’s office.
  • A link to the application is on the University of Colorado at Denver Registrar’s main page.
  • You will need to complete the pre-registration form before you can register for credit for the class(es)
  • Wait at least 3 business days to allow your student record to be created. If you do not receive your student ID and PIN via US Mail, call the Records Office at 303-556-2389 to request this information. Then you may go online and register for your course.
  • Download the step by step guide to register with screen captures or without screen captures.
  • Step by step video
  • Pre-Registration Application

Step 3: Register through the University for College Credit

  • Project staff will email you the call numbers for the course into which you were placed.
  • Once you receive the call numbers, you need to register for college credit through the University of Colorado registration system (called the SMART system).
  • Download the step by step guide to register with screen captures or without screen captures.

Contact PLASMID:

PLASMID Coordinator
(303) 556-6509

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