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Summer 2012 Completed Work
Summer 2011 Completed Work
Summer 2010 Completed Work

Summer RET

June 11 - July 20

We will choose 12 math and science teachers this summer, who’ve preferably participated in at least 3-4 RM-MSMSP professional development content courses to be a part of a 5 week research experience. The Science experience will see two teachers paired together and put in a lab either on the University of Colorado Health Sciences Anschutz or Downtown Denver campus, a national lab (i.e. NREL- National Renewable Energy Lab, EPA Environmental Protection Agency, NPS- National Park Services) or possibly an industry. The Math experience will be comprised of a problem solving clinic workshop. A $3,000 stipend will be rewarded to participants. The RET program will not be offering graduate credits this summer.

The teachers of the proposed program will

1) Participate in a six hour, five day a week, hands on workshop.

2) Meet weekly with RET teachers studying other topics in the mathematical sciences

3) Meet weekly with RET teachers from Chemistry and Physics in a interdisciplinary math science consortium

4) Develop at least one inquiry based mathematics modules for use in their classroom in the upcoming year.

Intellectual Merit: The RET teachers will raise their level of understanding of relevant mathematics by engaging important topics in a “hands on” way in the workshop. They will be able to transform what they have learned into new curricular materials that will improve the mathematics abilities of their students and hopefully stimulate them to consider a career in mathematics or science.

Summer 2012 Completed Work

Dynamics of the Brain as it Relates to Epilipsy
Actuator Array Project
Energies and Geometries for Ion-Water Complexes Using Quantum Chemistry Calculations
Total Acquisition on Graph

Summer 2011 Completed Work

Statistics & Genetics - poster 1 - poster 2
Geometry of Numbers - poster 1 - poster 2
Graph Theory - poster 1 - poster 2
Biologically Inspired Physics - poster 1 - poster 2 - poster 3 -
poster 4 - poster 5
Weathering & petroglyphs
Chemistry Biology & Nanoscience - poster 1 - poster 2 - poster 3
Computational Chemistry - poster 1 - poster 2

Summer 2010 Completed Work

Statistics - Poster
Geology/Environmental Science - poster
Physics - poster

Game on Graphs - poster
Biology - poster
Chemistry - poster
Geometry of Numbers - poster


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