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GEOL 5003-2. RM-MSMSP: National Park Service Views of Earth Science Resources

Learn about the natural resources found within America's national parks, and delve into the decisions resource managers make to preserve those resources. Natural resources explored in this course include: air quality, water quality, caves and karst, fossils, stratigraphy, volcanism, glaciers, coastal geology, and global climate change. Each resource is introduced using examples from national parks. Further investigation comes through examination of real-world management scenarios and resolutions from specific parks. Critical thinking will be required as students attempt to use information gained in the course to make their own management decisions for resources issues faced by various parks. This course will make use of the "Views of the National Parks" program – an educational resource developed by the National Park Service. Field trips are scheduled to expose students to some of the resources discussed in the class as well as interact with professionals in the field.


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